7 Star Wars Must-Haves (If You’re A Real Fan…)


Unless you live under a pile of rubble on Jakku, you know that there is a new Star Wars movie out.

Which means there is a plethora of merch on the shelves for all ages. The typical stuff is mere fodder for the real aficionado. Everyone will have a toy lightsaber and a clone trooper mask. But you are not everyone. The Force is strong with you, and you must only have the coolest Star Wars paraphernalia that ever graced the galaxy. In honor of the 7 movies in the legacy, here are 7 items that you must have if you call yourself a fan.

First, no room is complete without a lightsaber . . . #AmIRite? Think of how the ladies will react when you dim the lights and set the mood with romantic ambiance emanating from your lightsaber. You can also tell the world (at night) whether your tendencies are toward the light or dark side, as you can pick Luke’s or Darth’s weapon. And it comes with a remote, so it’s having the force, kind of.

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Star Wars – Lightsaber Room Light

Features: Blue light-up Lightsaber room light, Authentic sound effects and Obi-Wan Kenobi hilt design, Remote Controlled, Easily Mounts to Wall, Science learning poster included

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