Back Shaver

Hey Sasquatch, you need to get this do-it-yourself back shaver.

No more asking your significant other, friends, or grandma to shave your back for you.

Or like one reviewer, paying your daughter to do it.  (True story, bro).

You can do it all alone in the privacy of your own home.  It even comes in discreet packaging so your neighbors won’t know that you have a hairier back than a yeti.  (It’s not like they can’t see the tufts of hair poking out of your shirt anyway.  But who’s to judge.  Go ahead and keep living in denial.  Whatevs).

This thing will work even if you have hair everywhere like an orangutan.  (Funny. . . I thought there was a G at the end of that word.  Like, you say it o-rang-utanG not o-rang-utaN.  Oh well).  The BaKBlade will remove hair from anywhere you have it.  According to the manufacture, “baKBlade’s ‘BIG MOUTH’ back hair shaver removes hair from your shoulders, arms, and upper and lower back areas.

Who’s to say that we need to stop there?  Hairy knees, big toe, you name it.  This contraption has got you covered.  No.  Wait.  You are already covered in hair, and this will remove it.  So, it has you uncovered. . .  nevermind.

In addition to hair are you super moley?  Have some strange growths too?  Not to fear.  The patented blade will glide over skin and safely cut around such atrocities.  Well, probably.  But the peeps at baKBlade say that the “overall sensation is quite pleasant.”

This isn’t just for the guys though!  Maybe you’re a gal who just doesn’t want to have to bend all the way over to shave your legs.  The handle on this thing would eliminate that need.  Be as lazy as you want and still be able to remove your leg hair.  (Or maybe you can say that’s why you want it, but really you also have a hairy back and would like to shave it).

Apparently, though, you should set aside a chunk of time for your first foray with this back shaver.  In the words of baKBlade, “The first time should take a little while as you become familiar with the tool.

 I am not sure why they think that using a glorified back-scratcher is so difficult.  Apparently, if you are as hairy as an ape they think that you are also as unintelligent as one.

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baKBlade Back Shaver

Features: SATISFIED OR REIMBURSED – We are so convinced that you will fall in love with our BaKblade products that we offer you a 100% money back guarantee if they do not meet your expectations for any reason. Our customer service agents care a great deal about customer satisfaction and value your questions!, QUICK, COLORFUL AND EASY-TO-USE BACK SHRINK – No need to bother asking someone else to shave your back! When you shave your back with our exceptional blades, the extra long handle will allow you to reach the most difficult areas while maintaining a pressure that allows a precise shave! Ideal for men, as for women!, WET OR DRY SHAVE – Our cartridges have been specially designed and manufactured to allow you to shave your back and body dry or lubricated. Our blades are not likely to dull or rust, unlike those of our competitors, while the protection bar will avoid small cuts and irritation of shaving or “razor burn”. You do not even need to use shaving foam!, REPLACEMENT BLADES AT A VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE – No need to waste thousands of hard-earned dollars buying waxes or getting laser hair removal treatments! Do not take risks by using electric razors or cheap junk that could rust and cut you. The BaKblade shaver is easy to use and does not require a battery., THE AUTHENTIC BACK PILLING TOOL – The patented DryGlide safety blade technology features a unique 10 cm blade and tine row on the market, providing the smoothest, quickest shave you can get. can you offer! We have an exceptional customer service team and the satisfaction of our customers is very important to them!

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