Become A Screwy Squirrel Person

squirrelWe’ve all heard of crazy cat people.  I mean, it’s almost so famous that it is cliché.  (yawn).  If you are looking to find your own crazy obsession over an animal, why don’t you try squirrels.  They are way more cool than cats and you could start a new fad.

You could become a screwy squirrel person!

If you want to nurture your love for squirrels and shout it to the world that you are nuts for them, you will need these few items to get you started.

First, you must have something that will lure the furry little friends to your yard.  Your obsession over the little tree-climbing rodent must be known from the moment someone pulls up to your house.  Because you are in the crazy category, it can’t be just one of those normal squirrel feeders.  No, normal will never do.  Declare your bushy-tailed love loudly to the world with this unicorn squirrel feeder.  When your gnawing companion sticks his head in the feeder he will become as rare and majestic as you think him.

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Unicorn Head Squirrel Feeder

Features: Attach string or fishing line to pre-drilled holes, Hang where squirrel can stand and eat., String not included

List Price: $17.02 USD
New From: $14.95 USD In Stock

Next, if the unicorn-head feeder didn’t give your squirrel obsession away immediately, you’ll need to place this sign somewhere in prominence so that people can see it right away upon entering your property.  It is held in jest, and people won’t really think that you have deadly guard squirrels.  They will think that it is humorous and a sign of your devotion.  However, if you actually gain the trust of your backyard gang of squirrels and can train them to actually guard your home then bonus to you and your friends and family and mailman have fair warning.

Squirrel Property Protection Warning Sign

Features: Decal Measures 3 1/4 X 5 3/4 Inches, Vinyl with clear overlaminate. Please BE AWARE of size of this decal before purchase., Decals can be applied to any hard, smooth, clean surface. Perfect for a window, door, fence and more., East to apply with professional results. Can be removed with no damage to the surface., This decal is digitally printed on a true solvent printer and is very much Outdoor Durable., If this item is not sold and shipped by Solar Graphics it is a COUNTERFEIT item and is in violation.

List Price: $8.83 USD
New From: $8.83 USD In Stock