Beer Mittens is undoubtedly here (unless you live somewhere warm and you have no right to complain about the “cold”, aka 60 degrees).

Winter.  That time of year where your fingers get so cold they want to jump off your hand and run away.  But what about all those times that you want to drink a beverage outside, but your poor hand is exposed?  And if you hold said beverage with a regular mitten or glove, you could risk dropping it because the fleecy softness is just too slippery against the glass or metal in your hand.

We can’t risk dropping a precious beverage, so we must invest in at least one of these beer mittens.  (Or 2 if you are going to double wield).


These knitted koozies solve all those cold -weather beverage-drinking problems.

These keep your hands covered from the elements all the while keeping contact with your vessel of choice so you know that it is firmly in your hand.

Let’s not forget how handy (that’s a pun, see what I did there) these hand/beer warmers would be for tailgating or outdoor football games!  Never lose your beverage again because you had to set it down to warm up your frigid hand.  With this mitten, you can’t really set it down if you wanted to!  You can cheer your team on AND still have beverage in (warm) hand.  They do not, however, guarantee that you won’t spill your beverage though.  That’s still a possibility.

Think of all the cold-weather instances where this knitted mitten would come in handy?

Camping, hiking, skiing, alpine climbing, ice skating, playing hockey! (Yes, all while holding a beverage.  I bet the Canadians can do it).

Suzy Kuzy Beverage Mitt

Features: Keep Your Hands Warm and Your Beverage Cold!, Premium Quality and Stitching, Great for Tailgates, Camping, Sporting Events, Parties, etc., Easy & Affordable Gift!

New From: $11.99 USD In Stock

So drink responsibly and warmly my friend!