Bouncing Buddy Fun Like Never Before!

Boredom can strike at any time.  There are ways to combat it, but none as effective as having an inflatable, wearable, bouncy ball.  Go ahead and get your spring on when you hop inside this giant orb of joy.  AKA, the Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Ball. (BBOPB for short).

Want to knock your friends over while frolicking in a meadow of daisies?  Then this is the toy for you.

Want to prance around in a park with comrades all while dressed like a magnified bacteria?  Then this is the toy for you.

Want to look and act like one of those annoying children’s TV show characters that bounds around, singing maddeningly catchy songs all the while teaching kids not to be naughty little crappers?  Then this is the toy for you.

This blow-up bubbly ball is not meant for alone time play.  No. No. No.  It is meant to be enjoyed in groups of 2 or more.  How can you possibly chest bump someone when they are not also encased in a vivacious plastic bubble?  They could not reciprocate the joy if they were not in the right attire!  Think about how much more fun a game of soccer would be if both teams were running around in these amazing little spheres of pure fun!!!  It would resemble a hadron collider and be just as entertaining.  Not only would players be ricocheting off of each other in impacts of laughter, but also grabbing hands and twirling together in sheer delight.  They would also be super safe, as it is like being wrapped in colorful and stylish bubble wrap.  (An over-protective helicopter parent’s dream come true)!

Or, you could wear it turtle-style, pull those arms, legs, and head completely into the orb and roll down a hill!  What? No, I’ve never tried that before *cough, cough*.  It might be thrilling.  Or it might be vomit-inducing.  Either way, it would be hilarious!

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Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Ball

Features: VERSATILE + PORTABLE – take it to parties, bbqs, or the beach! BBOP is a fun, active family activity, PORTABLE BUMPER BALL – Deflate to collapse and easily pack it in a storage bag or your luggage to travel, CORD and BATTERY-FREE ACTIVITY – Gets your kids off the couch and enjoy active, screen-free play, NO PUNCTURE WORRY – Includes multiple patches, each patch repairs 1 – 3 small holes; easy to repair, DO NOT OVER-INFLATE – Adult supervision is required; recommended for kids age 6 and up

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