Cheeto-Saving Bag Sealer

Seal those chips with a bag sealer.

You may have cheesy Dorito fingers, but you can still save the cheesy goodness and seal up your coveted snack against the elements with this electric bag sealer.

Chip clips are for chimps.

Don’t trust your food of the gods to a plastic clip that just sits on the bag, waiting to fall off.  Those dastardly little clips are so aggravating.  They either lose their springs and are rendered useless or just get lost altogether.  Plus you have to roll up the bag once those Cheetos or Fritos have been savored and then try to fit that clip over the bulk of the bag.  Then, when you want more salty carbohydrate crack, you have to stick your entire arm down in the cavernous bag just to get at it.

Such a mess.  Such a waste.

You might even get spicy BBQ flavor or sea salt and vinegar on your sleeve.  That’s not okay.

If you have a bag sealer though, you can put those worries in the past.  This little guy seals up the bag and you have to cut the bag open, like a brand new bag every time.

You won’t lose it either (both literally and figuratively if you know what I mean).  It magnetically sticks to the fridge for easy access.

Want more reasons to love this bag sealer?

Well, the manufacturer says:
1. Your food will stop being exposed to dust and bacteria. (Gasp)!
2. It will create an airtight seal that locks in freshness and flavor and prevent your food from tasting bland and stale. (No! Not stale or bland)!
3. With the Micro-Thermal Technology it is able to seal any plastic bags easily and effortlessly. (Meh, it’s so easy a cat could do it, if he had thumbs that is).
4. The magnetic bottom easily attaches to refrigerators or any stationary metal surface. (See, what did I tell you)?
5. Backed by a LIFETIME Guarantee! Order yours now because you literally RISK NOTHING! (Risk nothing!!!!  Not like that time when your long lost Liberian cousin contacted you claiming you had inherited the king’s money but you had to send your bank account number to get it).

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Orblue Bag Heat Resealer

Features: Professional Heat Sealer will easily reseal original plastic bags so food will stop being exposed to dust and bacteria. Store food in original packaging & help save the Earth., Airtight seal – Create airtight seal and prevent your food from tasting bland and stale. Lock in freshness and flavor. Safely seal plastic party bags, treat bags, candy bags, popsicle bags and plastic rolls., Designed with ease of use in mind – Place edge of poly or mylar bag in your sealer and slowly pull the bag through. Squeeze air out of bag before completing the seal to create vacuum effect., Magnetic bottom – It easily attaches to refrigerators or any stationary metal surface so you will keep it handy in your kitchen, outdoor, cabinet or anywhere you need it., 100% Guarantee – If you have any problems FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PRODUCT, we will refund your order in full plus ship you a new item. Add to cart now because you literally risk nothing.

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