Color Explosion Fire Packets

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Mystical Fire Flame Colorant Vibrant Long-Lasting Pulsating Flame Color Changer Indoor Outdoor Use 0.882 oz Packets 25- Count Box

Features: DROP UNOPENED: on fire watch the vibrant colors., WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, FALL: on any wood fire, VIBRANT COLORS: green, blue, yellow, and purple., GREAT INDOOR/ OUTDOOR FUN: campfires, fireplaces., USE 3-5 PACKETS: for best results

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Just chuck a couple of these into any size fire, and watch the colors change right before your eyes!

There are few things that make you want to eat a fire. I mean, seriously.

But you can’t eat fire, bro. It’s irresponsible. There are so many other things that are so colorful… and delicious looking…. like sherbet swirl ice cream. Or a burger, dipped in 27 flavors of cheese. Or the unicorn poop from that one video about… poop.

Fire, though, is one thing, that you cannot eat. Mostly because it’s a gas, and it would totally destroy your face… and you might end up looking like Nick Nolte. I mean really, what happened to that guy?

So, moral of the story. As delicious as these fire packets will make your fire look… do not attempt to eat it. You will probably die, or become Nick Nolte. But buy these Color Explosion Fire Packets things anyway. You can really freak your Grandma out.

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