Complete 3-in-1 Breakfast Station


Thank you Ron Swanson, for speaking the truth. Breakfast cannot be underestimated.

They say it’s the most important meal of the day, but if  you’re anything like me, it’s the ONLY meal of the day. Serious. I can make endless combinations of delicious egg-cheese-bread-syrup concoctions… complete breakfast makerAnd no, I don’t care about the judgments of the world, telling me that I should ‘work out’ or ‘get a job’ or ‘get out of bed’.

None of these things involves the incredible feeling of waking up at 4 PM after a long night of bingewatching every show Netflix has to offer, and enjoying the same exact meal that (I assume) allowed Michael Phelps to win the gold like a million times.

Protein, bro.

I much rather prefer the sizzling sound and smell of bacon, eggs, sausage and toast, all connected to a supremo coffee maker. No more ‘walking’ or ‘moving’, or other things that force me out of the comfy warmth of my bed. I mean, who cares about those things called ‘showers’ or ‘hygiene’… I’ve got everything I need, right here.

If you’d like to join the club, there’s plenty of room. It only requires you to dedicate your life to the MOST important meal of the day. Breakfast. 

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Complete 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

Features: Large family size non-stick griddle, Coffee maker brews up to 4-cups of coffee at a time, Toasts up to 4-slices of bread at a time. Includes 30 minute timer with automatic shutoff, Removable oven tray and non-stick griddle for easy cleaning, Multi-function toaster oven bakes, toasts and reheats food, Glass griddle lid with stay-cool handle and cord length is 41.3 inch, Includes 30-minute timer with automatic shut off, 1500 watts

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