Cookies of Unicorn Rareness

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you should not procrastinate in your endeavors to wow your significant other.  Forget the box of cheap chocolates and flowers that shrivel up and die.  You should go for DIY and homemade gifts this year.  Duh, according to every social media site homemade means that you love the person more than if you were to give them a store bought gift.  Store bought?  In the words of Jimmy Fallon’s Sara (with no H) . . .

You need to show your rare unending love with unicorn poop cookies.

Unicorns are rare, yes.  But have you ever seen their poop?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. 

Make your Pookie Bear or Schnookums these beautiful rainbow treats made of love and magic and they will love you forever*.

*That statement may, or may not, be true.  Yeah . . . it’s not true.

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Unicorn Poop Cookie Cutter

Features: MAKE YOUR OWN UNICORN POOP: Did you know that unicorns poop rainbows that taste like cookies? It’s true! This cookie cutter will let you make some of the tasty poo on your own with no unicorn required., POOP EMOJI SHAPE: Inspired by the loveable emojis, this is the number one cookie cutter shaped like a number two!, BAKE UP A LITTLE MAGIC: Combine this unicorn poop cookie cutter with dough made from one of your favorite sugar cookie recipes and finish with icing to make hilarious cookies for unicorn themed party fun, LONG-LASTING: This may be a poo shaped cookie cutter, but it’s certainly not crappy! It’s constructed out of the finest quality metal, so it can stand the test of time without rusting or bending, FUNNY GIFT IDEA: Give one as a present for any occasion! Who wouldn’t want to make their own rainbow unicorn poop cookies? Great for bento box lunches too!

List Price: $6.99 USD
New From: $6.99 USD In Stock

Not into Valentine’s Day?  Or are you forever alone?  Or do you laugh at the face of love like the Grinch of this holiday of affections?

Then just make plain poop cookies*.

*They should look like real poop, not actually contain excrement.  Yuck.

You can even add some sugar google eyes and it will look just the the endearing emoji of feces himself.

Think of all the times that this would come in handy?  How many times have you wanted to make poop cookies just to get the point across?

Office party?  Family get-together?  An ex that won’t take a hint?

Nothing says “I don’t love you” like giving someone poop in pastry form.  Because giving someone real poop is crossing the line.  But in cookie form it is acceptable.  Right?

Or maybe you just want the whole kitten caboodle and you want more than just the unicorn poop itself.  Maybe you want the poop and the rainbows and the unicorn to boot.  Well, there are cookies cutters for that too.  You can get the whole kit!

You should get your rainbow-sparkle-unicorniness fix for sure!  

You can make piles and piles of rainbow (or original ) poos to your dark little heart’s content as these cookie cutters are built to last.  In the words of the manufacturer themselves, “This may be a poo-shaped cookie cutter, but it’s certainly not crappy!”

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Unicorn Party Bake Time Fun

Features: BRING THE LEGEND TO LIFE: Make a unicorn party full of fun with everything included to make cookies shaped like unicorns, rainbows, rainbow unicorn poop & 3 star-shaped unicorn farts, STOCK-UP & SAVE: Money-saving bundle gives you seven different cutters made out of durable metal for one great low price, GREAT GIFT FOR UNICORN LOVERS: Everyone will love baking their own funny unicorn cookies with these unique cookie cutters!, DECORATE WITH EASE

List Price: $14.99 USD
New From: $11.99 USD In Stock