Coolest Cooler. The ‘Coolest Cooler’ to Keep Cool Cool.

Stay Cool Bruh. On second thought… Stay Cooler, Bruh.

Looking for the most fully featured, technological, tool-packed genius cooler ever created? Welp, let’s just say this cooler would probably be 007’s first choice. (Or Dick Tracy, or Inspector Gadget… or INSERT OTHER RICH FICTIONAL CHARACTER HERE).

The Coolest Cooler includes:
· Ice-crushing Blender powered by 20V rechargeable Lithium ion battery (good for 16-24 pitchers of cocktails or smoothies)
· Removable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with dual drivers and a resonator plate
· Waterproof USB Charger to charge phones or other devices
· LED Light in lid to find your favorite beverage after dark
· Built-in Bottle Opener with Magnetic Cap Catcher
· (4) Built-in Plates, (1) Ceramic Knife, Corkscrew, Removable Divider/Cutting Board
· Done-in-One Tie Down Bungee Cord to haul your gear
· Stainless Steel Axle and Hinges, Double-wide Rubberized Wheels, and Aluminum Telescoping Handle are built to last

Got $500 or so to drop on a cooler? GREAT!

Do it, then invite me to your shindig. I’ll bring the ice.


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Coolest Cooler (Kitchen)

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