Dog Mullet mullet.  One of history’s best hairstyles.  Now your dog can have one too.  Yes, a dog mullet.

Your furry friend can now look as hawt as you by sporting a doggie-style mullet complete with 70’s headband.

You and your four-legged friend can be matchies when you go out on the town.  No more sporting a lonely mullet, you can share the fashion with Fido.

Think of how ecstatic your little pooch will be to finally be as cool as you, with your chick-magnet hairdo!

Slip this cozy mutt mullet on your dog and he will instantly become a hit.

This product gets a full 5-star rating!  Of course, only one person has reviewed it, but they did say that it was a hit at Halloween.  What more do you need to know?

Look at how happy these dogs are now that they can rock this hairstyle themselves instead of always looking longingly at their owners, lusting over long locks of their own.  Only in the back of course, keeping it short in the front.

The pup mullet stays on with an elastic strap that the manufacturer says will fit “most”.   I am not sure if they mean size . . . like if really big dogs and really little dogs might be out of luck.  Or if they mean that only certain dogs with the right savoir-faire can rock it.

But with this ultimate “lady-gettin” brown mullet, what babe could say no?

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Dog Mullet

Features: 1 per package

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