Feet For Your Phone

Let’s face it.  Your phone is your true best friend.  You spend most of your time with it, don’t deny it.  So let’s make it more lifelike . . . with phone feet.

Every phone should have its own set of feet.  It can help it stand and. . . well that’s all it can do.

No, wait.  It can make it cute. 


Yes, your little phone-friend can be cute and stand.  What more would you want from a best friend?  No more just laying your phone flat on a surface.  That’s for people who don’t care enough about their significant phone other to give them their own 2 feet to stand on.

You can get the cute little phone feet in several colors.  Your smart device will be looking smart!  Don’t get creeped out, the feet won’t actually give your phone the ability to walk away.  No, your phone friend can’t leave you.  Unlike every time you leave it laying somewhere and then forget where it is.

What kind of friend are you anyway?  You only spend time with your phone friend when you need it.  Only when you want to know what the weather is, or when your other friends text you, or to watch cat videos. . .

Okay, so you are with your phone friend all the time.  Sorry.

So, reward the little tech device in your life with these fancy feet.

Hey, they even keep their little energy port dust free!  Added bonus!

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Phone Feet Dust Plug

Features: Quantity: 1 pair of iPhone shoes (Package with gift bag), Style : Creative Phone Accessories, Materials : Plasctic Plug & Silicone Shoes, Compatible for iPhone 5 5s SE 6 6s 7 Plus, It is not only a data Port dust plug, but also a creative phone stand.

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