Guacamole-Bowl Shaped Hot Tub

It’s no secret. Hot Tubs are the shizz.

And now, you can own your own, that just happens to look (perhaps coincidentally) like a Guacamole Bowl from your favorite Mexican Restaurant!

This one, however, requires no electricity, just fill with your garden hose and light a fire… this little guy goes to work, circulating the water to a toasty 105+ degree swirling tub of delicious human soup. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to become a tasty main incredient in Human Noodle Soup! Just look at this family, happily awaiting their death, as they serve themselves to the cannibal legion of amazon warriors that lie waiting just beyond the boundaries of their nicely manicured lawn.

And at over $3k, you’ll have just enough leftover from your life savings to sprinkle some salt in the water. (Softens the meat a bit… or so I hear)
ALFI Hot Tub

If you look closely… you’ll see them sharpening their spears… and forks. Cause we assume they’d have forks in this fictious cannibalistic situation we’ve concocted here…

So, long story short. Guacamole bowl, natural fire, cannibals, human soup. And THAT’S what I call a relaxing Saturday afternoon.


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ALFI Natural Heat Hot Tub

Features: Fill the tub with water from your garden hose and light a wood fire in the pit. Tub requires a min. of 130 gal. of water to start water circulation and can hold a max. of 220 gal. when full to the top with nobody inside., Water is pushed through metal coils surrounding a wire basket where the firewood is housed. The basket can be raised or lowered to adjust the temperature of the water. Keep feeding the fire with wood as desired., Includes a heavy duty cover to protect the tub while not in use and to shorten the time it takes for the water to reach desired temperature. Water will take 2-3 hours to heat up to 100′ under normal weather conditions, longer in cold weather., Made of high quality acrylic and reinforced with a fiberglass core. Flat feet for increased sturdiness. Four handles built into the sides of the tub allow for easy mobility., Extended pipes and stainless steel windscreen panel keep you safe from flames while soaking in the tub. Fun Tip: Grill your favorite food over the hot flames or toast up some warm s’mores for the kids while you wait for the water to heat.

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