Horse Head Mask

Forget riding a horse…

You can just as quickly BECOME a horse! And you can get away with a lot of crap, especially if you’re currently holding a grudge.

A very, very REASONABLE grudge against someone who totally ratted you out for going to that party last weekend… I mean seriously, blood is thicker than water. But I guess not EVERYONE thinks that way. I mean, come on. You didn’t rat on him when he scratched your Dad’s new car. And you kept your mouth shut when he started a fight as school, or the same time he started at a fight at school against a girl… or the time he started a fight at school against a girl, and lost. What a weenie. Anyway…

Here’s the shortlist:
– Rob your brother
– Kidnap your brother
– Anonymously beat up your brother
– TP your brother’s car
– Take your brother’s sandwich
– Eat your brother’s homework
– Scare the crap out of your brother at his midnight bathroom break
– Take over your brother’s social media accounts and post as a horse
– Tell your brother’s girlfriend he got beat up by a girl
– Go to the park


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2015 New Horse Head Latex Mask for Halloween,Costume,Party

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Ugh. Brothers.