Massive 26 Pound Gummy Bear




Let’s play a game! It’s called, “Ways To Die Other Than Eating A 26 Pound Gummy Bear In One Sitting!”
(Queue game-show music…)

5. Blindfolded Alligator taming
4. Pissing off Honey Boo-Boo
3. Coming within 5 yards of Charlie Sheen (Emilio Estevez? He’s cool. I think.)
2. Eating a 26 Pound Gummy Bear in Two Sittings
1. Telling your wife “Nope, it’s not the dress’s fault”

But really, the thing is 32,000 calories of delicious gummy goodness. Just look at that comparison photo. Makes me want to laugh in the face of the ‘normal’ gummy bear, which only has 9 calories. And if I learned anything in high school, calories = energy.

So, this gummy bear should keep me powered up for a week! GO GET YOU SOME!

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