Ninja In A Box! (Or, How To Save The Smokin’ Hot Princess)

So you wanna be a Ninja?

Well, there is no “Ninja In A Box” on store shelves, but here at Coolest Crap Ever, we’ve got you covered, Sensai. (Moves sold separately). Your goal is to save the National Princess from the Japanese mob. She’s this hot lookin thing straight out of your fave anime comic… but she’s also insanely good at cooking. Win Win.

Let’s start with your Ninja Tools and Garb. Quickly maneuver from one location to the next, with this folding metal grappling hook, 33 ft rope and pairs of climbing claws you’ll definitely need to dangle from high branches. Easy to retrieve and quick to deploy, you’ll be out of a sticky situation faster than you can recite the Japanese National Anthem.

You quickly swing from your starting position outside the mobster’s hideout, over the wall, and into the first line of defense.

You’ll also need a legit Ninja Uniform. Not some crappy halloween costume. I’m talkin the real friggin deal:

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Additional Images:

BladesUSA 201L-Blk Kung Fu Uniform Black Large (Sports)

Features: Martial Art Kung fu Uniform, Black Ninja Uniform, 100% Cotton, Includes Jacket, Pants, Hood & Mask, And Armguard, Fits Heights From 6′- 6’8″

List Price: $42.89 USD
New From: $42.89 USD In Stock