Pizza Scissors

Pizza. Scissors.

Yes, you read that right.

There are scissors for all sorts of things. . .

Kitchen scissors, fabric scissors, hair scissors, craft scissors, safety scissors, left-handed scissors. . .

But now you can have scissors just for your pizza.  And if there was ever any doubt, they actually say “pizza” on them.  It’s carved right into them, so you can’t really deny that they are, indeed, for pizza.

Don’t mess around with those silly rotary cutters, hacking your pizza in a murderous rage, pushing toppings to the brink of the pie.  Pizza doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment.  These scissors cut through the crust and cheese with ease and you won’t even drag the toppings around or push the cheese all to the other side.  Nope, just slice through with the scissor-cutting action and your pizza will thank you.

Handle your pizza with scissor-precision love with these cheesy pepperoni pie shears.  Not only can you cut your pizza in a smooth manner, but the handy design actually helps you to serve it right to your plate.  Can you say multitasker?  Go from oven to plate as fast as you can by eliminating finding the pizza cutter AND the spatula; this is both.  You can save precious space in the

Cut, serve, eat, burn the roof of your mouth, repeat.

Pizza Scissors

Features: This Kitchen Maestro unique design, makes pizza slicing a breeze., Just slide the spatula tip under the pie and cut away., Durable stainless steel blade provides a sharp, long lasting edge., Non-stick safe nylon base won’t scratch cookware, Comfortable grip handle. Dishwasher Safe, FDA approved, BPA free.

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