Puppy-Front Carrier

If you want to take doting on your fur baby to the next level, then you need this front carrying dog backpack.   Don’t leave your pooch in the car or at home, put them in this carrier and take them with you wherever you go.

No more leaving that furry part of your heart behind, you can take Fido or Fifi along. puppycarrier

You can carry your dog on the front of your body, much like those people do with their actual children.  You don’t have to gaze in jealousy when you see parents with their babies in those carriers, you can put your four-legged child in one too!

You will love this front carrier, because you can also carry your doggie on your back.  When your doggie has been naughty by eating your wheat grass and then throwing it up on your bed, and you just can’t bear to look at them anymore, but also can’t bear to be apart, you can just turn the pack around and put doggie on your back.

Or maybe your dog is a shady little crapper and can’t be trusted, so you have to take him with you.  This will work for that also.

It has comfy shoulder straps so that you will be, well, comfy.  No guarantee on if your pooch is comfy though.  One Chihuahua owner said that the tail hole wasn’t lined up right for her canine baby and he had to sit on his tail in a bent way.  The poor dear.  Also, a wiener dog might be too long to fit just right as well.  It sure would be nice if they made a long version for them.

One owner also said that her lab didn’t fit in it.  Um, yeah, who would want to carry a 90 lb dog around?

Duh, get a stroller for him.

Front Carrying Dog Backpack

Features: Adjustable shoulder strap, with buckle to fasten around your waist; Two ways to carry at front & back. Order it now and start to enjoy a hands-free pet-transportation journey, new and exciting experience!, Velcro, zipper and elastic side openings to hold your pet secure and comfy inside; Additional interior lock to fix your dog’s collar for not skipping out, Lend you powerful hands to transport your dog around with ease, Designed for dogs weighting up to 6-pounds, with chest less than 36cm/11.8 Inch, Soft & Sturdy Canvas to ensure comfortable and safe wear, breathable mesh fabric and lightweight(only 168 g/6 Ounces) design

List Price: $30.00 USD
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