Scorpion Sucker 4 Pack

Scorpion Lollipop (4 Count) *Apple, Bannana, Blueberry, Strawberry*

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There are some things that are just not meant to be eaten… pretty sure scorpions are one of those things. But hey! This is American. Land of the outlandish and home of the hungry. So let’s get down to bizzness.

There are cricket suckers, cockroach suckers, maggot suckers, but for some reason, these just give me the willies.

You gotta wonder… did they remove the poison sack or their stinger before encasing them in solid sugar? Did these scorpions live happy stinging, terrifying people, lives?

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By the way, in case you need a little more scorpion love, here’s a 50 minute documentary.
About scorpions. Enjoy.