Shakespeare Insult Generator

Let’s face it, we’ve all been insulted at one time or another.  Even though we taunt back “sticks and stones”, it still hurts.  But what would make us feel better after receiving a jab is to skillfully spit sharp responses back to our assailant with the skill of Shakespeare himself.  You know, the bard king of insults.  And you can, with the

Shakespeare Insult Generator

Seriously, don’t be a bootless beef-witted minnow when it comes to comebacks.  Use this book to arm yourself with the best insults out there.  When you are slighted by a ruttish weather-bitten maggot-pie, you will be ready to utter back your own defense with the skill and ease of one of the world’s greatest writers.

Lay down your overused “I know you are, but what am I” and pick up such pointed returns as “puny toad-spotted moldwarp“.

Shakespeare Insult Generator

You’ll stun your foe so assuredly that they will turn away with their crook-pated bum-bailey between their legs in defeat, like the sad wayward half-faced strumpet they are.

You can’t afford to sit there like a beslubbering hedge-born barnacle and NOT get this insult generator.  .  How else are you to equip yourself against swords of the tongue?

In fact, you will hope that people will attack your dignity so that you can put those currish fat-kidneyed wagtails in their place, which is in the corner licking their wounds.

Never suffer the damage of inferior verbal abuse again.  Rise above the mundane foul language that brainless bat-fowling canker-blossoms use.  Leave them speechless and you without disparagement every time you employ a slur of Shakespearean altitude.  With this insult generator you will have 150,000 witty comebacks.  Plus, information that explains the definitions of what you are saying as well.

What are you waiting for, you dankish dizzy-eyed varlet?

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Shakespeare Insult Generator

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