Solar Cockroach Army

If your house is just too clandestine clean, then you should get yourself an army of these solar cockroaches.

Because why wouldn’t you want a hoard of solar bugs that are the image of filth itself?   Instead of the real thing that only comes out in the dark so you can only enjoy their presence as they are fleeing the light, you can have these little buggers that actually won’t even work unless they are in the light.

Perhaps you have a vendetta against a restaurant that gave you pickles on your burger instead of on the side?  You can put one of these on your table and (as long as it is light enough) you can fool everyone into thinking that they have failed their health inspection.

And they are even educational.

Wait. . . what?  They are educational?  I don’t see how they can be used to learn something.  That just seems like a stretch. It’s a solar powered bug, what do they have to teach us?  Nothing, it just sits there and jiggles its nasty little cyber legs around and wiggles its grotesque antennae.  That’s really not that impressive.  But, I guess it does run off of sunlight, which I guess is cool.

One grandma said of these bug of putrescence, “If you want your child or grandson to love you, buy them several of these solar powered roaches.”  There you have it, you can buy your offspring’s love!  What more can you ask for?

Granny added that if you can get past the fact that they are roaches, they are actually fun.

That is, unless you think cockroaches are gross and don’t find a jiggly vibrating bug that depends on bright sunlight fun.

 But hey, it is already pre-assembled. . . so no tools needed.

Solar Powered Cockroach

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