Become A Selfie Star

It’s Selfie Sunday and you need to represent son!  Don’t let other kings and queens of selfie-dom outdo you this week.  Forget about the amateur duck lips and the go-to peace signs.  Include your best friend!  No, not a B-Felfie, I’m talking about your four-legged furry friend.  A P-Felfie (pet friend selfie, duh).  That’s right, include Fido or Fiffi and you are sure to get record likes on Insta or FB.

Trouble is, your bestie with paws doesn’t always cooperate when it comes to selfies.  They can often misunderstand the importance of looking good on social media.  Our furry comrades are often staring off into the distance while we are looking fierce.  They are panting and looking a hot mess when we are just looking hawt.  So, how do we maximize our selfie potential when we have such a difficult model to work with you may ask?

Well, we could chuck a steak into the air and hope that we hit the shutter button at just the right moment as the flying meat would pass just about the lens height.  Or we could get the smartphone attachment stick for our pets.

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Pet Selfie Stick

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This handy little device holds a tennis ball right above the lens of the phone so that your pooch will stare longingly at it while you try several different poses to get just the right shot.  Never have a bad P-felfie again.  People will stare at amazement at how pro your selfies with your dog look.

There are even 3 different colors of tennis balls to choose from.  So, even though no one will see it, you can perfectly coordinate it with your outfit.  And later, if you have any time left after your selfie session, you can actually use the ball to play fetch with your dog.

Hey, even “famous star” has used it.  That’s enough for me to know that it will be all that I need to be an Insta-Star.

Is that Becky?