The Amazing Color-Changing Faucet

It’s the weekend and that means that a lot of people will take some time to do some home improvements.  Maybe it’s a new floor or a new paint color to update that sad look that was soooo last week.  Or maybe you have a leaky shower.  Or worse. A leaky toilet.

Or perhaps you have been thinking of a way to stop burning yourself when you use the faucet.  You know that one handle is for hot and one is for cold.  But for whatever reason you just lack the finesse to find the temperature sweet spot.  Or maybe it’s not you, but you are worried that guests at your abode just aren’t clever enough to find the right amount of hot and cold that is just right.  Maybe they can’t figure it out when they want cold water to drink too.  Do not despair.  There is a product that can help.

A color changing light up faucet.

Take the guess work out of the water temp without having to sacrifice the skin on your hand.  You don’t want to burden yourself with testing whether it is scalding or freezing.  You shouldn’t have to lower yourself to those standards.  Now you will know because it will light up to indicate the temp. is warm.             Cold is blue.        Red is hot.

Blue would be for a refreshing cup of water on a hot day.  Red would be for melting all the disease-causing germs off of your hands as well as probably your skin.  Green would be for lathering up to get grime off, but not also cooking your fingers.

If you still don’t think that your guests could figure it out, then perhaps a chart by the sink might help as well.

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LED Color Change Temperature Sensor Faucet Light

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Functional?  Yes.      Cool?  Heck yes.