The Bag Hook For Non-Pansies

Not a pansy

Don’t be a total pansy and take multiple trips to the car and back to bring in all the awesomeness that you just purchased from your favorite store.  Get a bag hook and take one trip.

Sure you can look like a weakling and walk a cumulative hundred miles if you want to.

OR you could get this awesome bag hook and go all ninja mega cool person and just bring them all in with one quick trip.  Look like the strongest and smartest person on your block.  There will be no more spilling the milk because you dropped it off of your head as you tried to turn the front door knob with your big toe.  No more amputations from your reusable bag cutting off the inside of your elbow (what is that area called anyway)?

Those plastic bags will have to answer to their master when you clip them into this industrial strength carabiner thingy.  No more cutting the circulation off of your pinkie because you grabbed that last bag of canned goods and bricks with your smallest finger because it was the only thing available.  (Duh, you already had the box of anvils in your mouth, or you would have used it instead).  Say goodbye to sore hands because

They come with a padded comfortable handle!

These amazing clips of greatness hold 150 pounds!  That’s a lot of cheese nips my friend!  If you had 2 you could carry 300 pounds in style all at once!

Well, theoretically.  I mean, 300 pounds is a lot.  

You might not physically be able to carry that much weight.  Your arms  might rip off and then it might be hard to really carry anything.  But if you could, wouldn’t that be cool?

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Jumbo Bag Hook

Features: About Shells: concentrate on providing various reliable quality consumer goods with affordable price, Made from high quality aluminium alloy with anodic oxidation surface material.Hangs up to 150lbs., Extra-large,with spring-action gate loads easily,locks securely.size: 16CM ( L ) x 10CM ( W )., Perfect for holding bags or roller skates.Get your hands comfortable while carrying things.durable and wear resistance., Package including: 1 X Black extra-large snap hook hanger.

List Price: $7.99 USD
New From: $7.99 USD In Stock

AND they come in 5 different colors?