Top 5 Greatest Rolls Of Toilet Paper You’ll Ever Crap On

Ok, Ok. We know. Poop jokes are too easy. But really, we gotta have a couple crappy posts on here, right? (LOLZ, can’t help myself)

Without further ado! Here are the top 5 GREATEST Rolls of Toilet Paper You Can Actually Wipe Crap On.

#5) The DUMP

Donald Trump isn’t just a Billionaire turned Politician, he has also graced our planet with floppy hair, and now, TP.

THE TRUMP Toilet Paper Gag Gift

Features: TRUMP’s face printed on EVERY SHEET!, 160 SHEETS per roll; 3-PLY toilet paper; printed with FOOD-GRADE INK, ONE SHRINK-WRAPPED individual roll with “DUMP” label, PERFECT GAG GIFT for both critics and supporters of Trump!, DONALD is the NUMBER #2 president of all time and we don’t mean 2nd best!

New From: $9.97 USD In Stock


#4) The Democratic Pair

It’s the full set.

(Set) President Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton Funny Political Toilet Paper (Toy)

List Price: Price Not Listed
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#3) The 10 Minute Break

Sometimes, you just gotta kill some time. #amiright?

Thumbsup UK, UK Sudoku Toilet Paper (Toy)

Features: Fantastic Sudoku toilet roll, Specially customized toilet roll, Complete the grid so that each row, each column and each 3 by 3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9 without repetition, Perfect novelty gift, Measures 4.33 by 4.33-inches

New From: $4.89 USD In Stock

#2) The High Roller


I mean really, who doesn’t want to wipe their butt with $100 Bills? (No offense intented Mr. Franklin)

$100 Bill Toilet Paper. Fo Reals

Features: Great gag gift for holidays, birthdays & retirements, Realistic $100 bill design, Printed throughout the entire roll, 3 Ply toilet paper, Don’t forget: it’s also a great roll of TP

List Price: $13.19 USD
New From: $8.99 USD In Stock


Do you Belieb? We sure do. You always said his music was crappy… Now it’s your chance to put your money where your… uh, butt is.

Justin Bieber Toilet Paper by Premier Products Exchange Funny Gag Music Artist Prank (Toy)

Features: Justin Bieber, Toilet Paper, Soft Large Roll

List Price: Price Not Listed
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