TOS / Disclosure Jargon

Hey dudes.

Here’s the deal: our goal is to bring you the Coolest Crap Ever, hence our name. In doing so, we enjoy taking our wives out on a hot date now and then, which requires hiring some random punk teenager chick to come watch our kids for a bit. This teenager will most likely raid our kitchen and rummage through our drawers, probably steal some jewelry and sneak some booze. All of this, so we can have 2 hours of semi-uninterrupted time at the Panda King followed by whatever crappy Channing Tatum movie just came out.

Help us, help you. Understand that some shopping links on our site are part of affiliate programs that shoot us back a few pennies when you buy something. We also show a few ads that help us upgrade from General Tso Chicken, to the BUFFET! I hear they have Coconut Shrimp after 7.

So, we all good? We make money from our efforts, and you get a bunch of free cool content.

And maybe someday, we’ll kick that babysitter back to working at Dairy Queen, and can hire one of the Kardashians to watch our kids. Heavens knows they need to learn a skill.


The Coolest Crap Ever Team: Jordan and James