Trikes Are For Kids? Guess Again…

Those trikes you rode as a kid have grown up.

They now have massive cahones. And also, you can get seriously wrecked on these things… There’s now an entire subculture of some SERIOUS street daredevils called Trike Drifters. They find a steep hill and take these brakeless adult trikes on the ride of a lifetime.

In case you’re curious, here are some drifters in action:

But, like I mentioned, there’s nothing cute and cuddly about these road beasts, they’ll mess you up.

Case and point… (plus some cute kids smashing their faces.)

Hey, it’s not my job to judge, my job is to make sure you can buy these things and do what you want with ’em, including crashing head-first into a dumpster.

So, here’s our list of several options for you to begin your road-rash career:

Bike Rassine Notorious Drift Trike (Sports)

Features: Designed ergonomically for professional drifting, Triple down tube to stand heavy vibration and shock, Lightweight 6061 alloy frame with high-tensile steel rear, 36 Spoke alloy BMX rim, Lightweight 89mm alloy cranks and hub

List Price: Price Not Listed
New From: 0 Out of Stock

See larger image

Additional Images:

Triad Underworld 2 Drift Trike Ride On, Green/Black (Toy)

Features: Second generation purpose built drift trike, Twin downtube Hi-Tensile steel frame breaks down to two pieces for easy transportation, All new OATH ‘Bulletproof’ sealed freewheel hub, Adjustable Ergo racing seat, SCROLL DOWN for detailed specs/features and a comparison table on all four models

List Price: Price Not Listed
New From: 0 Out of Stock

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Additional Images:

Madd Gear Mini Drift Trike (Sports)

Features: NEW AND IMPROVED: Front BMX Style Brake For Stopping And Spinning, Designed For Ages 5 Years +, Accommodates Riders Up To 150 Pounds, High-Tensile Steel Frame and Handlebars, 16″ Front Tire, Three Way Adjustable Bucket Seat, Blow Molded Fat Tread Back Wheels For Maximum Drifting Action

List Price: $119.99
New From: $99.72 – $254.95
Variations: (Color):

GreenNew from $99.72 USD

So what do you think? Would you ever ride one of these things???

If so, share your stories and injury images in the comments… you know… so we can all laugh at you. 😉