Yodeling Pickle

The yodeling pickle.

You need this.

Why, you may ask?  I say, why not?

Hours of entertainment await you with procurement of this preserved phenomenon.

What can you do with it?  Well, what CAN’T you do with it?


Not only can this pickle yodel, but it can also sit, lay down, roll over, and take up space.  Some people who have had the luck to come across a yodeling pickle have confessed that it is a great listener.  You can pour your heart out to the pickle and it will just patiently listen to your woes.  Some even say that if you listen closely, it yodels thoughts to you. Some even admit that they have now turned their lives around thanks to the advice it gives.


One happy owner of the yodeling pickle says that he puts it in his wife’s purse so that when she is digging for her wallet to pay for something it inadvertently gets activated and starts yodeling spontaneously.  They have had it for over a year and apparently, it still hasn’t gotten old. At least not for the husband.

Another happy purchaser said that her 12-year-old niece asked for the Justin Bieber CD for Christmas, but she bought her this yodeling pickle instead and that nobody so far can tell the difference!

It is also great at rekindling broken relationships!   One mother tells of her her son who left for college without even a backward glance and never a call home.  Heartbroken, the loving mum sent her son this yodeling pickle.  Sure enough, as soon as he got it, he called home.

Of course, it was only to ask why on earth someone would send a yodeling pickle.

But hey, it got them talking again.


Yodeling Pickle

Features: Hours of mindless entertainment, Batteries included, Great gift for the person who has everything except a yodeling pickle

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